The History of the French Horn

Originally a coaching inn, The French Horn has been providing hospitality for over 200 years.

Now a restaurant with rooms, it has been run by the Emmanuel family since 1972, when it was bought by restaurateurs Ronnie and Carole Emmanuel. The French Horn is now run by their son and daughter, Michael and Elaine. Michael trained in Lyon under Paul Bocuse and in Mougins under Roger Verge.

He and Elaine then opened a restaurant in London which was awarded a prestigious Michelin star.

Michael and Elaine’s great-grandfather was an oysterman in Whitstable. His son, Bernard Walsh, moved to London and opened Wheelers, the famous fish restaurant, which later expanded to a number of seafood restaurants across the capital.

Bernard’s daughter Carole carried on the family food tradition by training in Paris and then at La Pyramide in Vienne. Her husband, Ronnie Emmanuel, took over Wheelers, while Carole bought The French Horn. The family have also owned oyster beds in Colchester and lobster fisheries in Scotland; and they bring their understanding of seafood to The French Horn’s menu.

The family’s passions for fresh ingredients and French cooking can be felt in every dish that comes from The French Horn’s kitchens. This combined with Michael’s skills at developing a splendid wine cellar make dining at The French Horn a real pleasure.